Let us introduce you to the owners and directors of Broadlands View- Greg and Andrea Savage and Peter and Chris Curtis.

Both families have owned and operated small business in Bairnsdale for over 35 years. 

The Curtis family are well known engineers, with Peter being highly skilled in civil works, a registered builder, and an incredible restorer of vintage cars (he has to keep building new sheds to accomodate them!). Chris has worked in healthcare at the Bairnsdale Regional Hospital for decades and is known throughout the East Gippsland region.

Greg is a master tradesman, a solid plasterer by trade, with a passion for architectural and landscape design. Andrea shares Greg's passion and is a Horticulturist and Science teacher.

Together, the two business partners have designed, built, marketed and managed every facet of Broadlands View.

Broadlands View has an important point of difference when it comes to retirement style living. That being, it is wholly owned and operated by 2 families. This means they can achieve their vision of providing quality affordable housing, for retirees, with NO EXIT FEES.

When you buy your own home, you own it in entirety, with any increase in value with CPI going directly into your pocket- not that of a corporation, body corporate or  board. When you purchase your home, you deal directly with Peter, Greg and Andrea, and either of our two registered, quality builders. You are dealing with locally known, honest and trusted people who build your home and manage your secure lifestyle.

Due to our altruistic vision for Broadlands View- we are working hard on providing our residents with beautifully landscaped surrounds;  a Community workshop, and a forthcoming Community Recreation Centre. These facilities provide a healthy and connected lifestyle for our residents - we even have our own chook enclosure for farm fresh eggs and fruit trees in our plantings.

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