We understand that you will have many questions before making a decision to move to Broadlands View. Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and our answers.

Please contact us for further assistance - we love chatting about the lifestyle opportunities Broadlands View will offer you,

Q: Do I own my own home? 

A : Yes! you purchase your home with a structural 7 year guarantee and a maintenance warranty.  

Q: Why would I buy into Broadlands View? 

You can enjoy a greater quality of life when you change your asset, leaving something left over to enjoy your further years. 

Q: Can I option my own home to suit my lifestyle?

A: Yes! Our builders are happy to make any possible changes with you before signing a contract? 

Q: What other costs are involved? 

A:  Your home sits on site with a weekly site fee from $130 . If you are on a Pension benefit, you will receive a Centrelink assistance to reduce this cost. You may need to check with Centrelink regarding your personal circumstances.

Your only cost of living are site rental, electricity, gas, phone  and water utilities that you use. 

Q: Can I have a pet? 

A: Yes. Dogs can be kept under the park contract rules. 

Q: Can I have lawns and gardens?

A: The front and sides of homes are maintained and planted by managers, you can create your own backyard environment. 

Q: What if I go away?

A: Your property will be securely maintained in your absence by management and your community Neighbourhood Watch. 

Q: Are there any costs if I leave the Estate? 

A: There is no exit fee, however weekly rent must be paid.